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Brush Combo
Brush Combo
Brush Combo
Brush Combo

The ultimate brush combo to help you get the best results. One of each of our essential decorating tools.

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Deliver outstanding results with our versatile Soft Bristle Brush

Before unleashing your creativity with our fabric paint, clean the fabric with our Soft Bristle Brush. Its gentle bristles will penetrate into any type of fabric, loosening and removing any dirt and grime.

Then use again during painting to effortlessly glide over each coat of fabric paint to provide an even coverage and maintain the fabric’s softness. As you paint, brush the surface a few times in all directions to prevent any fibres sticking together.

After use, wash the brush in water and leave to dry naturally. It’s then ready to use for your next Fabricoat upcycling project.

Deliver outstanding results with our tapered Paintbrush

Our angled, cutting in paint brush will work your chosen colour of Fabricoat paint deep into the fabric. Its firm, synthetic bristles hold the paint giving you an even finish.

The wooden handle provides both comfort and control as you unleash your creativity. It’s made from sustainable hardwood so eco-friendly too.

After use, wash the brush in water and leave to dry naturally. It’s then ready to use for your next Fabricoat upcycling project.

Width is 60mm or 2.5 inches. Height is 241mm or 9.5 inches.

Frequently Asked Questions

A. Yes, Fabricoat will work on any fabric provided it's absorbent. To test absorbency, drop some water onto the fabric and see if it soaks in. If it does, it is absorbent, and Fabricoat will work. We’d advise that for fabrics with a pile, you order double the amount of fabric paint as there's more surface area to cover.

A. A 250ml bottle will cover a lampshade or cushion, 500ml will paint a dining chair or a footstool, 1 litre will be enough for an armchair, headboard, or car seat, and 2.5 litres will be enough to transform a three-seater sofa.

However, if your fabric has a pile (like velvet, faux-suede, chenille, draylon, or microfibre), you will need to use more product as there is much more surface area to cover. We suggest ordering double the above quantities of fabric paint for these fabric types.

A. No, as long as you brush the fabric with a Soft Bristle Brush during and after painting it should not feel any different. Fabricoat is designed to dry with a soft, flexible finish without changing how the fabric feels. 

A. If you want to change the colour of an item, we recommend you always use a darker paint than the original colour.  If you do wish to transform your item to a lighter colour, the original darker colour is likely to show through. You can use our White Fabricoat as a base paint, but we suggest you always test a corner of the fabric first to guarantee this will work. 

A. Sofas, chairs, lampshades, blinds, headboards and car interiors, but the possibilities are endless. Check out our Inspire page or socials to see what our community have been painting.

A. Yes, it is. Fabricoat takes 24 hours to become touch-dry and can be used after that, but we’d advise waiting a full seven days to allow the colour to fully cure. Once it’s fully cured, the material can be washed or cleaned as normal. Once dry, it will not rub off onto your clothes or other items.