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We started in furniture restoration

Our company started life in a garage over 20 years ago via our parent company, Furniture Clinic. Building upon years of experience in furniture restoration and a passion for sustainability, we’ve gone from strength to strength and our business has grown exponentially.

We found a gap in the market

As restorers, our team recognised there was a gap in the market for something that was easy to apply, long-lasting and most importantly, wouldn’t impact the quality of fabric. Enter Fabricoat.

We’ve been around a while

When people buy from us, they’re not just buying a quality product, they’re buying decades of restoration experience and an in-depth knowledge of upcycling everyday pieces.

We’re all about upcycling

We’re fiercely proud that restoring all things fabric keeps Fabricoat at the heart of the circular economy. This positioning is of great importance, alongside our focus on sustainability and preserving the environment, and resounds through all we do. By repurposing existing fabrics, we reduce waste and help you to make mindful choices that have a positive impact on the planet.