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New to some but old to many – our Fabric Paint story

New to some but old to many – our Fabric Paint story

We started life in a garage over twenty years ago. Our foundations are rooted in furniture restoration via our parent company, Furniture Clinic and a burning ambition to make a positive mark; we've thrived ever since going from strength to strength.

As restorers, we knew there was this missing piece in the market—a fabric paint that's not just long-lasting but also effortless to use in a selection of core colours. We wanted something that could transform your everyday items without messing with the fabric's quality. Something that acts like a dye, but is a textile paint for fabric. 

Enter Fabricoat.

So, when you buy from us, you’re not just buying a product; you’re tapping into decades of restoration expertise and a wealth of knowledge on upcycling everyday pieces.

We take heaps of pride in being at the heartbeat of the circular economy by restoring fabric in every way possible and building a community of people who want to make old things new again so they’ll go on bringing you joy for generations to come.

Check out our 16 colour variations here and let's Fabricoat.