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Can I Paint Velvet with Fabric Paint?

Can I Paint Velvet with Fabric Paint?

We get asked this a lot and absolutely, yes​​, you can paint velvet with fabric paint. Painting velvet fabric does require a little more attention due to its unique texture and pile but it’s so worth the effort. 

Here are some tips to help you successfully paint velvet with fabric paint:

1. Preparation

Before painting, it's essential to prepare the velvet fabric properly. Start by gently vacuuming or brushing the fabric to remove any dust or debris. 

2. Quantity

We recommend ordering double the quantities of fabric paint if you’re painting velvet because there’s lots more surface area to cover on this type of fabric.

3. Testing

It's a good idea to test the fabric paint on a small, inconspicuous area of the velvet fabric first to ensure compatibility and to see how the paint interacts with the fabric's texture.

4. Thin Layers

When applying fabric paint to velvet, it's best to use thin layers rather than thick coats. This helps prevent the paint from clumping or matting the velvet fibres together, which can affect the fabric's texture and appearance.

5. Brush Selection

Choose a soft bristle paint brush for painting velvet to minimise disruption to the fabric's pile. Avoid using stiff brushes, as they can damage the delicate fibres of the velvet.

6. Paint Direction

Pay attention to the direction of the velvet pile when painting. Brush the fabric paint onto the velvet in the same direction as the pile to maintain its natural texture and appearance.

7. Drying Time:

Allow each layer of paint to dry completely before applying additional coats. Velvet fabric can take longer to dry than other fabrics, so be patient and brush each coat to ensure even distribution. 

Following these tips and taking care during the painting process, you can successfully paint velvet fabric with fabric paint and create pieces with the fab factor.

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Images credit to @samsprettylittlehome